Freedom, Movement, Paradox and Energy are the words that best describe Antoinette Rozan and her work.

Self-taught multi-disciplinary artist for 20 years, creation is for her a vital expression, which she explores in 2D and 3D, in life and in public spaces, to convey its power and energy to us on a daily basis.

The great success of her first exhibition in France in 2005, and of Sin Sin Gallery’s Trust in Hong Kong, convinced her to devote herself to her art. Over the past 15 years, she has displayed her art in various scenes, from the most prestigious to the more intimate, in France and abroad. Her works have been showed in museums (Hong Kong Museum of Medicine and Sciences), fairs (Affordable Art Fair in Hong Kong) and public places (Cité Radieuse du Corbusier, Clinique Saint Martin in Marseille, Tai Koo Place in Hong Kong). Her joyful art leaves a lasting impression and she has been trusted to carry out numerous public and private commissions in France and China.

Paradox is the source of the strength she infuses into her work. She sculpts in volume, yet sees with only one eye. She expresses that life is a perpetual wave of energy in motion, yet her spine has been sealed since childhood. In her work she embodies the joy of living, yet her life was strewn with hardship. Life may sometimes give us the illusion that we are limited, but, Antoinette Rozan proves, through the universal symbols that vibrate in our lives, that we are limitless. Through her work and her messages, we reconnect with the idea that anything is possible despite appearances.

She gives body to emotions and movement to matter. Substance takes shape in an energetic  vibration and a  colourful explosion. Despite their XXL size, her bronze sculptures create an illusion of lightness, juggling the void and the fullness. Her soulful paintings are inspired by universal symbols, conveying messages of Love, Peace and Life. They are joyful mirrors, full of love: a giant heart as an ode to the Freedom to be oneself, open arms as an open door to welcome others, a call to self-love.  

These days, she creates upon different media, with different materials: ink on paper, silicone, bronze, metal and resin. She continues to share her works in public spaces, open to all, in order to spread the powerful energy contained in them to as many people as possible, and to remind us that our Life Force is linked to the heart, to the Love we have for ourselves, and to the Freedom to be who we are. Her dearest dream is to create emotion by integrating art quite naturally into the daily lives of everyone.
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Same & Different, Affordable Art Fair (Hong Kong)
Allant Vie Solo Exhibition, Espace Belleville (Paris)
Plus Radieuse la Vie Exhibition, Cité Radieuse du Corbusier (Marseille)
Same & Different, Affordable Art Fair (Hong Kong)
Go with the Flow Solo Exhibition, sponsored by Swire Group (Hong Kong)
Heart Momentum Solo Exhibition, Rouge Ephémère Gallery (Hong Kong)
Go with the Flow Solo Exhibition, Sponsored by Swire Group (Hong Kong)
Allant Vie Solo Exhibition, Espace Belleville (Paris)
Enlightened Substance Exhibition, Le French May, Pacific Place (Hong Kong)
Heart Momentum Solo Exhibition, Rouge Ephémère Gallery (Hong Kong)
Solo open-air Exhibition, Château de la Gaude (Aix-en-Provence)
Unearthed, Sin Sin Fine Art (Hong Kong)
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French Academy
Honorary award received as a sculptor, 2023
Le French May Festival
Exhibition with Sin Sin Fine Art (Hong Kong)
Grataloup Art Center
Open air exhibition, labelled "Olympiade Culturelle" (Chevreuse, France)
Galerie dHD
Collective exhibition "Au fil de l'eau" (Paris, France)
Group exhibition and artistic encounters (Paris, France)
French Chamber in Hong Kong
Charity auction during the annual Gala (Hong Kong)
Winter Top 2023
Original creation of trophies for the first edition (Sainte-Foy Tarentaise, France)
Pashmin Art Gallery
Collective exhibition "Human - Animal - Forms" (Hambourg, Germany)
Ile d'Yeu exhibition space
Solo exhibition of a new series of 2D and 3D rt works (Ile d'Yeu, France)
Galerie dans la Lune
Solo exhibition of 2D and 3D artworks (Bonnieux, France)
Terrasse des Champs-Eysées
"Together We Art" #2, exhibition and charity Auction (Paris, France)
Boutique des Musées
Acquisition and exhibition of new artworks on aluminium (Aix-en-Provence, France)
Chamber of Commerce and Industry
Original creation of trophies for the "Ose !" contest for women entrepreuneurship (Marseille, France)
Galerie dHD
Collective inaugural exhibition, "30 artistic and visual proposals to grasp the challenges of a box that is opening and closing" at Bastille Design Center (Paris, France)
Château de la Gaude
Solo open-air exhibition of monumental sculptures (Aix-en-Provence)
Terrasse des Champs-Elysées
"Together We Art" #1, exhibition and charity Auction (Paris, France)
Sin Sin Fine Art
"Unearthed" duo exhibition with Wensen QI (Hong Kong)
Base'Art 2019
Contemporary art patronage festival (Saint-Raphael, France)
Pour un Sourire d'Enfant
Collective creation of a fresco in a school (Cambodia)
Enfants du Mékong
"Beyond Borders" charity exhibition, California Tower (Hong Kong)
Espace Belleville
"Allant Vie" solo exhibition (Paris, France)
Affordable Art Fair
Same & Different monumental installation at the entrance of the Convention Center (Hong Kong)
Rouge Ephémère Gallery
Official unveiling of the FREE XXL monumental sculptures (Hong Kong)
Le French May
"Heart Momentum" solo exhibition (Hong Kong)
Affordable Art Fair
Convention Centre (Hong Kong)
The Collectif
First exhibition of Chinese inks on paper (Hong Kong)
Sin Sin Fine Art
"Remember" exhibition (Hong Kong)
Saint-Martin Sud Hospital
Acquisition of the FREE XXL monumental sculpture in plaster (Marseille, France)
School of Design Gallery
"J'expose" collective exhibition (Aix-en-Provence, France)
Clinique Saint-Martin-Sud
"La Pendaison de Crémaillère" inaugural exhibition and commission of the Tree of Life collective sculpture (Marseille, France)
Maison & Objet
"Zimzamzoum", exhibition during the fair with Le Pré au 6 Gallery (Paris, France)
Galerie Le Pré au 6
"Portraits" collective exhibition (Paris, France)
Sin Sin Fine Art
"10 Years After" exhibition (Hong Kong)
Cité Radieuse
"Plus Radieuse la Vie" collective exhibition for Marseille-Provence 13 Capitale de la Culture (Marseille, France)
L'Art en Vignes
Collective exhibition (Aix-en-Provence, France)
Rotary Club
"Alliance for smile", commission of the Tree of Life sculpture, exhibition and charity auction (Hong Kong)
Artist's Studio
"I smile everyday" collective exhibition (Aix-en-Provence)
Le French May
at Pacific Place
"Enlightened Substance" collective exhibition (Hong Kong)
Swire Properties (Taikoo)
"Go with the Flow" solo exhibition, Lincoln House Linkbridge (Quarry Bay, Hong Kong)
Private collection
Commission of the Free on the bench memorial (France)
Sin Sin Fine Art
"Echo of Nature" exhibition (Hong Kong)
First commission for a trophy for the biennial Asian Pastry Cup competition (Asia)
Sin Sin Fine Art
"Alight" exhibition (Hong Kong)
Business of Design Week
Exhibition in the Inspiration Hall, Convention Center (Hong Kong)
Detour Art Festival
Exhibition during Business of Design Week (Hong Kong)
Art in Hospital
"Reach for the Heart" exhibition and charity auction (Hong Kong)
Repulse Bay Beach
"Sculpture on Hong Kong Sea", open-air collective exhibition (Hong Kong)
Sin Sin Fine Art
"From 2D to 3D" exhibition (Hong Kong)
Pasteur Institute and
French consulate
Commission of Alexandre Yersin's bust in bronze for permanent installation in the Museum of Medicine and Science (Hong Kong)
Hong Kong and Macao
French consulate
Commission of the Friend_Ships sculpture in bronze (Hong Kong)
Sin Sin Fine Art
"Tribes" exhibition (Hong Kong)
Sin Sin Fine Art
"Be Here Now" exhibition (Hong Kong)
French Theatre
Commission of the Comedia sculpture in bronze (Hong Kong)
Syndicat d'initiative
Duo exhibition (Le Puy Sainte-Réparade, France)
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Antoinette wishes to thank the companies, galleries and private clients who sponsor and support her work:
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