Antoinette is regularly commissioned by collectors, public and private organisations, to create portraits, memorials, trophies, frescoes or monumental sculptures.

If you have any special idea for an artwork order, contact me.
2014 - Valrhona
Asian Pastry Cup Trophy and Master
2009 - Commande d'un buste d'Alexandre Yersin en bronze, Institut Pasteur & French Consulate commission
Hong Kong Museum of Medical and Science
2019 - Fresco on a wall
Private commission
2009 - Friend-Ships Project
French Consulate in Hong Kong
2011 - Free on a Bench
Private memorial
2019 - Ink on paper
Private commission for a wedding
2008 - Comedia, bronze
French Theatre in Hong Kong
2017 - Amour Encré, ink on paper
Nomad Inside Jewelry Brand
2019 - French Flair Rugby Charity
Pass it Back Association
2007 - Plenitude, bronze
Private commission
2019 - Creation for a charity sell
Children of the Mekong Association
2019 - Ink on paper
Private commission
2019 - Ink on paper
Private commission
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